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Lycra Free Bike Tours

Lycra Free Bike Tours

Lycra Free Bike Tours

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Leave the Lycra at Home!

Active vacations are more accessible, thanks to the electric bike.

And when you slow the pace to bike speed, you can be sure that you’re going to enjoy a very relaxing vacation.


Get An e-Grin

You are in for real a treat if you haven’t ridden an electric bike. First there is the excitement of getting back into the saddle. That alone will put a smile on your face. But the moment that you feel the ease of the power through the pedal, that is the time when your e-grin appears. An ear to ear beaming smile!

It is a child like experience. This is something long since forgotten and you’ll just want to head off along the valley and over the next hill!


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No ‘free ride’!

If you are reasonably active, an eBike touring vacation is a great option for you and your family. You certainly do not need to be a regular cyclist to take an eBike vacation.


Puts the Pleasure Back into Bike Riding

When you stop pedalling, the power stops. The power-assist is helps you pedal. It does not drive the wheel like a motorbike or scooter.

You still have to push the pedals. It just makes the challenging bits easy, even pleasant.


Your options are far greater than with a normal bike, because your eBike makes the challenges of bike touring easier. Hills are more easily climbed, head winds become breezes and distances shortened. And yet you still get the exercise and advantage of being on a bike tour.

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